Small & Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in innovation, economic growth and job creation, and in times of globally changing structures and enhanced competitive pressures, SMEs are increasingly identified with the provision of the wellbeing of local and regional communities. Nevertheless, SMEs are disproportionately exposed to imperfections of market and policy developments.

SMEs can be of various different natures, giving rise to different needs that an industries association, like the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), can serve; within the nascent disciplines of nanosciences and nanotechnologies, two main groups of SMEs receive specific support from the NIA:

NIA SME Solutions

(A) The cutting-edge nanotechnology-exploiters: often newly established on the basis of a narrow (nano)technology-focussed business plan, or product portfolio, these micro-sized enterprises are pioneers in their technology, and carry an above-average risk in the exploitation of their innovations. These risks are enhanced through the characteristic uncertainties surrounding new and emerging technologies, such as the lack of standards and supply chains, and the uncertainties regarding market developments, consumer perception and regulation.

(B) The well-established SME that requires access to the cutting-edge innovation that is nanotechnology, in order to maintain the competitiveness of its core business. The SMEs benefit form NIA’s one-stop-shop provision of information and tailored individual consultancy, specifically set up for SME needs and budgets.

NIA supports SMEs active and interested in nanotechnology through regular updates on developments in policy, regulation, and standardisation, as well as conferences and networking events raround the world, and provides direct representation of its SMEs to international fora, and tailore-made public-private-partnerships involving governments and large industry, in response to specific needs of these SMEs.


Support for NIA Members:
NIA provides specific support to its SME Members.

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News & Alerts

Visit NIA at EuroNanoForum 2017

NIA will hold a stand at the EuroNanoForum 2017 on 21-23 June, in Valetta, Malta. Over the three days of the European conference, NIA will share the stand in the EuroNanoForum exhibition jointly with University of Leeds, INERIS,Tutech and National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE).

The stand will hold discussion groups, workshops and other activities including a showcasing of industry developments in new sectors, safe-by-design  tools and uptakes and regulatory advice.

NIA launches Regulatory Digest

6 April saw the launch of NIA's new regulatory service to Members, a monthly Regulatory Digest.  This newsletter will provide an ongoing review of regulatory changes and processes relevant to NIA members, activities from NIA within those processes and support available to Members.

2017 symposium in Brussels spring sunshine

NIA Members and the wider nano community came together in Brussels on a sunny spring day to lift the lid on latest global regulatory news and take a look at Safer by Design as a tool in sustainable business.