REACH-nano Services

NIA is providing support services to its Members on nanomaterial-related aspects of the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals).

There is currently confusion regarding the status of nanomaterials under REACH: companies are finding it increasingly difficult to follow the discussions surrounding potential nano-specific requirements under the regulation, which makes it difficult for them to proactively prepare. Unfortunately there is not a lot of time: chemical substances produced or imported within the 100-1000 tonnes per year range need to be registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) by 31 May 2013.

NIA provides a services to aid its Members in preparing effectively:
NIA has a long history of engagement with nanomaterials under REACH, from informative seminars (such as the ‘NIA Masterclass & Workshop: MICROMEGA – REACH for Nanomaterials’, held in 2008) to in-depth projects (such as the NANEX (Development of Exposure Scenarios for Manufactured Nanomaterials) and the RIP-oN (REACH Implementation Plans on Nanomaterials: 'Scientific and technical Support for Nanomaterials') projects) and dedicated symposiums (NIA Symposium on the History and Future of Nanomaterials within REACH).

Through the REACH-nano Service NIA can pass on its expertise to its Members, informing them of the rapidly developing debate surrounding the potential introduction of nano-specific requirements to REACH, as well as offering them an insight into the options they have for early preparation and proactive action.

Follow this link to learn more about nanomaterials under REACH, and this link to read up on the REACH-nano Support Services the NIA is offering to its Members.

Registered NIA Members can find information on how NIA provide an individual REACH-nano Support Service under the NIA REACH-nano Representation.

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