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Creating growth through innovation and technological development is at the heart of most governmental policies. Nanotechnology has been viewed by many national and international stakeholders as a rapidly growing area able to affect and improve technologies across different sectors. In most cases nanotechnology innovation leads to high added value to products and services, while relying on highly qualified workforce and low requirements on raw materials.

Nevertheless, the potential benefits nanotechnology offers to wider industrial growth requires a strong nanotechnology ecosystem with SMEs, research organisations and larger businesses all working together in a process of ‘open innovation’.

A true ‘innovation value chain’ that occurs is characterized by the quick and effective transfer of high tech research into marketable products; and the lucrative benefits that can be provided by the Nanotechnology value chain, increasingly requires the co-operation of multiple stakeholders;

Understanding these value chains is a key priority for NIA, and we conduct comprehensive market sector and value chain analyses in support of this. Our expertise in this area has been crucial in constructing a comprehensive assessment of the nanotechnology landscape that is the NanoInsight project. This project seeks to consolidate the vast amount of existing data of many aspects of nanotechnologies so to provide systematic inisights and interconnections on the nano-value chain. It also looks to provide this integrated information base in an accessible way for the wider public, for interested stakeholders and for specialists.

In addition, public private partnerships are increasingly important in identifying areas of beneficial industrial collaboration and in offering useful industry input to better direct scientific research. NIA co-ordinate several PPPs for our members over a variety of areas and speak on behalf of industry in within a number of forums, including the OECD WPN.

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Safe by Design workshop slides published

NIA was part of a multi-project consortium that delivered the 2 day workshop "Nanomaterials: Industrial workshop on Safe by Design" in Bilbao on April 24-25, managed by the project Nanogentools.

Projects dedicated to building the concept and tools behind Safe by Design came together, including:

JRC report 'NanoREG framework for the safety assessment of nanomaterials' published

NIA welcomes publication of the JRC Science for Policy Report 'NANoREG framework for the safety assessment of nanomaterials'.
The comprehensive report was co-authored by NIA's David Carlander from the collaborative work within the NANoREG project "A common European approach to the regulatory testing of nanomaterials", funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme.