Promethean Particles Ltd

Formulating Solutions with Nanomaterials

Promethean Particles design, develop and manufacture a wide range of nanomaterials (where one dimension is less than 100 nm) in partnership with our customers.  We manufacture inorganic nanomaterials, such as metal oxides which are used in arange of industrial applications but can also produce more complex materials such as mixed metal oxides, carbonates, phosphates and sulfides.  We can control the size and shape of the materials depending on what is needed to give the best performance in a particular application.  All of these materials are manufactured in dispersion, which is to say the particles are contained in a liquid such as water; we do not manufacture dry nanopowders.  This gives a number of advantages during downstream processing as re-dispersion of dry powders is difficult and also limits worker exposure to fine particulates.  The process we use to produce these nanomaterials is a continuous flow method which leads to easy scale up and we can manufacture in everything from gram to multi-ton quantities.

The materials we manufacture are typically used in product development by a variety of corporate customers with applications in industry sectors ranging from green energy to automotive and chemicals to electronics.  


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