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NIA underlines Position on Nano Registers in Magazine Article

A recent article by ENDS Europe, entitled NGOs slam Commission’s nano register position, discussed comments made by a group of NGOs that ‘the Commission’s [working] conclusions [with regard to the transparency measures for nanomaterials] fail to provide the right balance between private and public interests’. NIA was asked for its comments on the matter by ENDS Europe.

In the article, NIA states its opposition to ‘additional registration requirements’ as it ‘believes the registration requirements already in place under REACH (EC Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals regulation) are sufficient’. The French nanomaterial register was pointed at as an example of why this is the case: “it is still unclear what the added value of such a register is, and consequently the same doubts are valid for a potential EU-wide register”.

In the comments released by the group of NGOs, they phrase concerns that the Commission is ‘biased towards industry’s economic interests whilst disregarding environmental health and safety concerns and the public right to know’ in its interim review of transparency measures for nanomaterials on the market. According to them, ‘the Commission’s conclusions are not based in facts but in old vague assertions put forward by industry stakeholders’, and describe in detail their views on the subject.


Follow this link to read the ENDS Europe report, and this to read the comments made by the NGO groups.

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