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NIA highlights Impact of Nanotech Regulations on Industry in Webinar

An article published by Bloomberg BNA has quoted NIA Director-General Dr Steffi Friedrichs on the way in which the nanotechnology industries are being affected by regulatory developments worldwide. Entitled OECD Survey Finds Nanomaterial Regulation Doesn’t Hinder Innovation, Economic Growth, the article juxtaposes the view of the recently released OECD Report of the Questionnaire on Regulatory Regimes for Manufactured Nanomaterials 2010-2011 with the view expressed by Dr Friedrichs in a webinar she recently presented at.

The report found that ‘actions to regulate [the] safety of manufactured nanomaterials have not stalled companies’ innovation or economic growth’. Dr Friedrichs stated at the webinar that, however, ‘nanotechnology industries are experiencing a consumer backlash in some countries and regions’; in the EU ‘consumers think if a label is calling out a specific ingredient, it may pose a danger’, and she noted that in Australia some consumers were going so far as to purchase ‘sunscreens based on claims [that] they have ‘no nano inside’, irrespective of the protection those sunscreens offer’.

Dr Friedrichs and the report both stated that ‘many regulatory agencies are agreeing that the 1-100 nanometre size is the range of nanomaterials on which they will focus’. Nevertheless Dr Friedrichs noted that ‘important differences and implementation issues [that] remain to be resolved’; as an example, she cited the 2012 EC Joint Research Centre report  Requirements on measurements for the implementation of the European Commission definition of the term 'nanomaterial’, which found that ‘no single measurement technology is available to determine whether a product is a nanomaterial’. According to Dr Friedrichs, the problem with such a finding is that ‘the company that produces that product (sic) would then have to conduct a battery of tests to determine it does not’.


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