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NIA comments on Issues Nano faces from Biocides Regulation

NIA’s Director of Advocacy Dr David Carlander has explained that the restrictions posed for nanomaterials by the new Biocidal Products Regulation are “unfortunate”. His comments were reported by two media outlets, Chemical Watch and ENDS Europe.

According to Dr Carlander, ‘the biocidal sector working with active substances in the nanoscale is now preparing for the notification process’ of the new regulation. Unfortunately the regulation will, according to him, ‘put an administrative and regulatory burden on stakeholders using nanotechnology: “many producers of active substances will now have to ensure that their products are not falling under the nanomaterial definition”.

His comments come in an one article published by Chemical Watch, entitled Biocides review programme Regulation enters into force, and in one published by ENDS Europe, entitled Rules on Nanomaterials in Biocides tightened. The Chemical Watch article also features comments by one of the creators of the BPR.


NIA Members can follow this link to read the full article. Members and non-Members can follow this link to read the article on the Chemical Watch website (subscribers only), and this to read the article on the ENDS Europe website (subscribers only).

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