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NIA at ECHA Stakeholder meeting

As an Accredited Stakeholder to ECHA, NIA was pleased to take part in a day long Stakeholder meeting in Brussels, with the aim to engage with ECHA on the work that it undertakes, the methods that it uses and the impact of its communication.

NIA was one of many industry stakeholders from sectors as diverse as lighting and waste water management and civil society organisations.  The meeting reviewed topics including:

  • Better identification and risk management of substances of concern
  • Safe and sustainable use of chemicals
  • Use of data for the benefit of human health and environment
  • Managing conflicts of interest and transparency
  • How the Enforcement Forum (national authorities responsible for REACH, CLP and PIC registrations) can better engage with stakeholders.

NIA was pleased to learn more about the Enforcement Forum, as divergent activities at national level are a key target for Members in achieving smoother and less resource-intensive market entry.  It will follow up with ECHA and the Forum directly to understand its operation and flag up key issues from nanomaterial regulatory management.

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