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NIA Consultation on SCCS Nano TiO2 as UV-filter in Sprays Draft Opinion

On 7 March 2017, the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety of the European Commission (SCCS) released a draft opinion on nano titanium dioxide (TiO2) used as a UV-filter in sprayable cosmetics. SCCS will receive comments on this opinion until 14 May 2017.

The previous opinion on nano- TiO2 had expressed 'concerns over the safety of TiO2 nanomaterial applications that could lead to inhalation exposure of the consumer to TiO2 nanoparticles. Yet, the European Scientific Committee considers that "the information is insufficient to allow assessment of the safety of the use of nano- TiO2 in sprayable application".

Please follow this link to download the draft SCCS Opinion on Titanium Dioxide (nano form) as UV-filter in spray and this link to access the consultation page.

NIA Members are invited to follow this link for more information on the NIA consultation on this SCCS opinion.

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