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ISO/IEC Survey on Standardisation Needs in Graphene and other 2D Materials - Deadline 21 November 2014

NIA Member the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) is collecting information on the standardisation needs in graphene and other 2D materials in the form of an online survey. This initiative has been undertaken by the Joint Working Group (JWG2 - Measurement and characterisation) of ISO/TC229 - Nanotechnologies, and IEC/TC113 - Nanotechnology standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems

The online survey intends 'to identify topics, the timescale in which standards need to be developed and the priority for such standards'; the time required to respond to the survey is estimated to 15 minutes.

The survey will close on 21 November 2014.


Please follow this link to reply to the survey on Standardisation needs in Graphene and other 2D materials.

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