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ProSafe - Promoting the Implementation of Safe by Design

ProSafe has been designed to coordinate and support the aims of EU Member and associated states in their EU and international efforts (OECD, COR, EU-USA) regarding risk assessment, management and governance by streamlining data acquisition, collection and management on regulatory orientated toxicology testing of nanomaterials, exposure monitoring, LCA, and disposal and treatment of waste nanomaterials. Consideration is also given to regulatory policy developments on both the national and international level, including challenges raised by the convergence between nano and biotechnologies.

Safe by Design (SbD) is a tool for safe use of chemicals . It has been designed in a way that it can be seamlessly integrated into current industrially used innovation processes in order to improve the safety in the workplace, for the consumers and in the environment. While SbD is an appealing concept, it lacks agreed definitions, guarantees, and therefore any confidence to enshrine it in a legal framework or procedures such as those seen with REACH.

The concept of SbD is central to numerous projects ongoing or planned in EU, one of which is ProSafe under Horizon 2020. Prosafe is based on an interdisciplinary approach and has been created to have a central, supporting and coordinating position in the chain of EU, member states and international relationships, including ongoing initiatives and projects such as NANoREG, new H2020 projects, industrial relations, and through the Inter Service Group (ISG) to the Commission. ProSafe is aimed at bringing the results of these projects and activities together. ProSafe will support and coordinate the linking of existing initiatives and approaches as well as promoting the acceptance/uptake of SbD within the EU-COM, its member and associated states and international efforts (OECD, COR, EU-US on regulatory aspects of nano), the Member States, national organisations, OECD and also globally.

Actions in the PROSAFE project all work to promote the acceptance of Safe by Design at all levels of the nano-material value chain and product value chains containing nanomaterials as well as the respective production processes. The four main themes (A; B; C; D) are schematised in the attached figure.

More information can be found on the ProSafe website.

Download the ProSafe White Paper here.

Funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union.

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