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NanoMICEX: Mitigation of Risk and Control of Exposure in nanotechnology-based Inks and Pigments

Nanotechnology, and in particular the use of nanoparticles in ink and pigment formulations, has great potential for new applications, leading to products with new or enhanced properties as well as opening new market opportunities.

The main objective of the NanoMICEX project is to reduce the potential risk of worker’s exposure to engineered nanoparticles through the modification of nanoparticle properties with effective surface modifiers, and the characterization of practical and cost effective risk management strategies in the particular operative conditions of the inks and pigments industry.

The concept of NanoMICEX stems from the need to ensure the safety of workers dealing with the production or handling of engineered nanoparticles while employed in the pigment/ink industry, as well as the need to provide the workers with integrated, cost-effective and appropriate strategies to control their exposure to engineered nanoparticles.

On the basis of this concept, the following activities have been planned:

  1. Development of novel methods based on nanoparticle functionalization to reduce hazards caused by potential nanoparticle emissions during ink/pigment-based products life-cycle.
  2. Toxicological and ecotoxicological evaluation of nanoparticle impacts, selecting methods that are reproducible, simple, non-expensive and reliable.
  3. Characterization of exposure scenarios in terms of REACH regulation, including exposure assessment.
  4. Assessment of the effectiveness of the personnel protective equipment, ventilation, filtration and other control systems in simulated conditions (cleaning room laboratories).
  5. Validation and implementation of simple risk management strategies, involving industrial partners.


Find out more by following this link to the NanoMICEX project website.

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