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NanoDefine – Development of an Integrated Approach based on Validated and Standardized Methods to support the Implementation of the EC Recommendation for a Definition of Nanomaterial

NanoDefine aims to develop validated measurement methods for nanomaterials; these methods are to be robust, readily implementable, cost-effective and capable of both reliably measuring the numbers of particles in the 1-100nm diameter range, and compare that to the measured numbers of particles from 1nm diameter to many micrometres (or even millimetres). The chosen methods will be based on a comprehensive evaluation of existing methodologies as well as a rigorous intra-lab and inter-lab comparison. 

Case studies will assess the applicability of the developed measurement methods and instruments for various sectors, including food/feed and cosmetics. The project will also develop a decision framework and a classification procedure based on a two-tiered set of rigorously validated methods: this will be the NanoDefiner e-tool. This tool will be accompanied by a user manual to guide end-users, who are expected to be manufacturers, regulatory bodies and contract laboratories, in implementing the developed methodology. 

The project started in October 2013, and will end December 2017.

Find out more by following this link to the NanoDefine website.


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